Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 Things To Remember When Saving Sans Stress

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Times, they are  changing.  Gone are the days of working hard at the same job for years and then retiring in paradise somewhere.  With more people working as freelancers, self-employed, and changing careers, financial stability takes more effort than it once did.  As I encourage readers to live stress-free lives and also in abundance I have three important reminders.

1. Credit Unions
Big banks cause stress.   With the state of the economy as it is, and corporations behaving as they do, we need, as people, to believe our voices are heard and we have some power.  At a credit union, the customers are the owners.  The executive management must answer to its owners. With a publicly-traded banking institution, shareholders only care about making money.  So management caters to the shareholder and not the customer.  Are you a bank shareholder or are you a bank customer? 

As a regular, educated, working individual, it's important for me to not feel exploited and for the little bit that I have to not be taken advantage of.   Credit unions are non-profits, have fewer fees and higher savings rates.

 2. Alternative Investing Plans
Investing money for the future is something we should all be doing.  But it shouldn't be a source of stress and worry.  We're not all financial wizards who know when to buy and sell.  Heck, we don't all have enough money to invest wisely in the market.  Tons of people put off saving for the future because they don't know where to begin or because they believe they don't have the money to start.  If you have money to go to movies regularly then you have money to invest in your future.   Since we know we can't depend on social security, it's integral that you take action.

Many jobs have 401k plans, which require you to trust corporate America and Wall Street to make the right decisions.  However, more and more people are investing in 4N1FUND, a plan that combines social networking as we know it with financial planning.  4N1FUND does not rely on the stability of corporate America but on the power of the group.  By pooling the money of a group (much like Groupon) the plan receives huge discounts on the rates of return.  Equity Indexed Universal Life as a wealth plan for the future is smart.  4N1FUND is even smarter.  It combines the benefits of a 401K with the benefits of EIUL and has created a social network for it -- your money is leveraged through the use of an internet group.  Pretty genius, right?   It's based on the S&P but not invested in the market so when wall street panics, there's no need for you to stress because your money is fine.  No early withdrawal penalties, annual tax-free income stream...the benefits are many!

3. Detachment
The key to living a stress free life is to detach from any desires or goals.  Have them, go after them, get them but don't become them.  You are not how much money you have.  You are not what you do for a living.  You are not defined by your work, your bank account, your possessions, your desires or even your abilities.  You are defined by something deeper.  You are a spiritual being, a soul so profound I won't attempt to sum it up here.  But know that once you let go of all the worldly ideas and things, stress disappears instantly.  Worries, anxieties and problems turn into hope, joy and happiness.  Try it sometime.

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