Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cash Chronicles - Entry #1

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In an attempt to blog more frequently and revamp my posts so readers actually find them useful and relatable I've decided to make weekly post about my personal journey to save money and become financially stable without worrying all the time.

I come from a modest background, I was raised by a single mother in New York City.  My mom was well educated and cultured and she made sure that my brother and I were also.  We went to the best private schools, took music lessons, studied art and theater etc.  All the while, my mother was struggling to provide those things.  She sacrificed and stressed in order to take care of us.  My mother is an amazing woman as I'm sure most mother's are.  I'm grateful for her and I am who I am because of her.  But stress ruined her life.  She became very ill because of it and eventually stress killed her.

Now it's my mission not only to be financially successful but to do it without stress. 

Stress is a leading killer among Americans.  We live in a fast paced, goal oriented society that values success and ambition more than anything else.

I'm an ambitious person, growing up in NYC I really had no other choice but to be.  In order to learn how to deal with my own stress I began studying several Eastern philosophies and have come to realize that I believe in many Taoist principles.

The main principle of taoism is not to be ambitious but to go with the flow.  To be present, not living for the future, but appreciating the moment.  After a  mini stress related breakdown of my own, I finally understand what this means and I feel free.  Free from worry and stress.

In my blog I simply want to share my experiences with others. On this site I'll recommend several tools and tricks I've found that keep me living a happy stress free life.  Also I'll share tools I use to be more financially responsible.

I hope you enjoy!

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