Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make Saving Fun

fun saving
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When you think about saving for retirement what comes to mind?  Fear?  Dread?  Annoyance?  Hesitation?  All mostly negative feelings, right?  Well it doesn't have to be that way.  What if you actually enjoyed saving?  Impossible you say?  Here are some ideas about how you can make saving fun.

Kids get rewarded when they do well.  Adults should too.  Set a savings goal and once you reach it, reward yourself.  Say it's $400, when you have that amount put aside somewhere where you don't touch it, go out and buy yourself something pretty.  Splurge when you reach your goal, then set another goal.

There are so many ways you can do this.  Write a blog about your saving journey.  Take pictures.  Talk to a camera.  Write in a journal.  Not only will the documentation process keep you accountable, it'll be enjoyable.  Dust off that camcorder and make a documentary of your family's journey to financial stability.  Tape yourself shopping and making better choices.  Tape your kids saving their money. Hey, tape your kids throwing a tantrum because you won't buy them something.  Tape the ups and the downs, edit them together and you have a movie.  Use your imagination.  There are lots of ways you can create a larger project out of your saving experience.

Involve Others
Start a saving group with friends.  A larger example of how this can work is 4N1FUND, a fund that uses the power of the group to leverage investors' money.  How can you do this in a smaller way?  4N1FUND is for the long term savings goal, how can you involve others in your short term saving?  Maybe you get a group of like minded folks who have monthly meetings to discuss their financial issues and ways to overcome them.  Life is easier and less stressful when we connect with people.  Maybe you get a group to invest together.  Or, just discuss your savings goals with friends and family in order to stay on track.  Talking about it helps make it real as opposed to just a nice thought.

You can find a way to celebrate everything, throw a Savings Party.  Since you'll be cutting back on your nights out, have a monthly get together where guests bring something and you have fun for cheap.  Call it a Savings Party and it's sure to be a hit.  Buy discount wine, discount snacks and celebrate the fact that you're not wasting money but still finding a way to party.

I'd love to hear how you incorporate any of these ideas into your life.


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