Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zen About Finance

Lately I've been re-examining ancient ideas and philosophies about life.  I tend to do this when I get stressed out and in the past few months I've been stressing about my career.  In the midst of what could've been a breakdown I actually had a breakthrough.  It's funny when you already know something intellectually but it takes a moment for it to click in practice, on the ground.  Well, that's exactly what happened.  I have been aware of the nature of the universe for quite some time but it has only recently clicked within me, and boy does it feel wonderful.

Money and success are not the key the happiness.  They don't hurt, but they should not be the ultimate source of satisfaction in one's life.  In fact, preoccupation with the goal is not ideal.  We all want to be recognized for our importance and our contributions.  But it is not the recognition that truly matters.

It is all about the journey.  Really and truly understanding that one's life and goals are not to be micromanaged but surrendered to the universe is liberating.  This doesn't mean we don't work to achieve.  I believe desires are healthy, especially in our society.  But, it's important to remember that the real value, true growth and meaning lie in the journey itself and not in the achievement.

In regards to finance and financial situations, it's important to remember that while we have financial goals and desires.  It's the pursuit that has the meaning.  Not only does understanding this alleviate stress and pressure on ourselves but it's exciting.  Trust that the Universe has your back, because it does.  If you can genuinely believe this you will have far less stress, about money or anything else. 

It's important to take risks both in life and in finance.  But don't be afraid of those risks or try to control the outcome.  Just know that it will work out.  Know that money will come.  Know that you will meet your goal and know that abundance is waiting.

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